The Story of Just Jacks

Around 2AM after a night of socializing, dancing & a few cocktails, some of my friends & I walked out of the nightclub we were in and decided we were hungry. We looked around and all that was available at that time were the hot dogs being sold from the carts on every corner.

I noticed that there was a long line of people at every cart. What this told me is that people are hungry at 2AM.

Someone in our group said “ya know what sounds good? Pancakes!” We all agreed that pancakes sounded like a great idea and our quest for pancakes began. As it turns out we drove all over the area and never did find pancakes. We settled on a restaurant that had some breakfast items on their menu but we all agreed that pancakes would have been better.

From that night of frustration and craving, my idea for a food truck that served fresh, made to order pancakes was born. The name “Just Jacks” came to me when I was telling a friend about my idea and they kept saying you could also serve… insert many other food ideas. I kept saying that I just want to do one thing and do it really well with a lot of varieties of the same item. I found myself repeating “just pancakes” and being a huge “Will & Grace” fan, I started mimicking the character Jack who had his one man show “Just Jack.” When it crossed my mind that pancakes and flapjacks are generally used interchangeably, “Just Jacks” was born. From that moment on I started working on recipes and reading everything I could get my hands on about running a food truck.

I credit my love of pancakes to my Grandfather who used to make me chocolate chip pancakes, blintzes, potato pancakes and matzo pancakes which all contained the secret ingredient, love. I hope you will taste the love in every bite of your Just Jacks flapjack.

-Melissa “Missy”