Here’s a list of some of our other rotating combos you may find on our menu from time to time.

THE AMIGO – Chorizo inside / Sour cream, shredded Mexican cheese blend, Pico DE Gallo, Corn chip crumbles on top
THE HAVARTI PARTY – Sweet Chicken-Apple Sausage inside / Havarti cheese, Sweet red onion jam on top
THE BUBBY SPECIAL – Lox (smoked salmon) & Chives inside / Cream Cheese on top
THE VEG OUT – Parmesan Crusted Asparagus & sautéed mushrooms inside / Pesto Sauce & Fresh Tomatoes on top
THE GODFATHER – Prociutto & Sautéed Figs inside / Balsamic reduction & Feta cheese on top
THE FRESH BREEZE – Ham, Spinach & Tomatoes inside / 3-Cheese blend on top
THE JACKS BENNI – Ham, Spinach & Tomatoes inside / Hollandaise Sauce on top
THE SWEET GREEK – Cinnamon & Cardamom cooked Apples inside / Honey drizzle & Feta Cheese on top
THE DATE NIGHT – Chopped Dates & Bacon inside / Maple Syrup on top
THE KISS ME S’MORE – Chocolate chips inside / Marshmallow Fluff, Graham Cracker crumbs & Chocolate Sauce on top
THE DANCING QUEEN – English Toffee bits inside / Chicory/Coffee Sauce & Whipped cream on top
THE OVER THE RAINBOW – Butterscotch chips & Rainbow Sprinkles inside / Fruit Coulis & Whipped cream on top
THE PB&J – Peanut butter chips & Strawberries inside / Peanut butter & Jam (choices) on top
THE PEACH GOBBLER – Cinnamon & Peaches inside / Caramel drizzle, Shortbread Cookie Crumbles & Whipped cream on top
THE SOUTHERN BELLE – Peaches & Pecans inside / Whiskey cream sauce on top
THE BLACK FOREST – Chocolate chips & Cherries inside / Chocolate sauce drizzle, Fruit coulis & Whipped Cream on top
THE FRENCH KISS – Pears & Walnuts inside / Brie cheese & Caramel Sauce on top
THE LUCKY PENNY – Bananas & Walnuts inside / Nutella on top