Just Jacks Menu

How does it work?  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

1) First you choose your batter.
We offer three choices: Our classic buttermilk batter, our gluten free batter and one of our rotating seasonal batters.  (some of our past seasonal batters have been our beer batter, sweetcorn, pumpkin, sweet potato, and eggnog batters).

2) Choose your “Mix-ins” from our lists of tasty, fresh ingredients.
We will cook them right into your batter.

3) Choose your “Toppings” from the list of our sauces, gravy and spreads.
(Most are made from scratch).

Can’t make up your mind???
You can try one of our rotating daily special combos.  We will always have some of our most popular combos listed for you.
All of our flapjacks are served rolled up and wrapped like a gyros for easy, portable eating. No plates or utensils here… just lots of napkins.